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sasusaku fan observation # 2

sorry for posting too much today.

I notice a lot of SasuSaku fans saying they will ship SS forever, no matter what happens between them.

How moronic is that. They want the characters to be together so badly they don’t even care about their interactions… Someone please tell me the word for that..

All they want to see is an ordinary girl like Sakura winning the popular guy who could’ve fallen for her’s heart. Just thinking of them interacting makes them so wet.

basically: no thought given they just ship it and defend it mindlessly

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Sakura in RTN



This scene in Road to Ninja upset me. I wanted to slap Sakura.

Why are you here?

Why would she insult him like that? She is lucky Naruto is the one by her side; he treated her a lot better. But it doesn’t matter to her does it -.-

She thinks Sasuke would have understood her? How stupid. Sasuke’s the one who called her annoying for badmouthing Naruto on the topic of parents. She’s basically badmouthing her own parents now so he probably would’ve reacted like Naruto or called her annoying again.

Has she not learned anything? Has she not matured? I still see the immature, delusional, blind, and bratty Sakura in this scene. This is why I hate Sakura’s love. It’s so shallow. I get that Sakura is mad right now and she thinks Naruto is taking her parents’ side but still…

If Kishi actually wrote this scene word for word I will be happy. It means her love is still shitty as fuck. I expect manga Sakura to be more mature and respectful.

and yes I know she was intentionally made to be inconsiderate, so the movie could showcase her growth

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smiles and sacrifice?


Hinata sacrificed herself for Naruto. She mentions that his smiled saved her.


Karin was sacrificed for Sasuke’s satisfaction. She mentions wanting to see his smile one last time..

smiles and sacrifice? 

not saying this is significant in any way. I was thinking about these two pairings i thought this was a similar thing between them.

don’t raep me plz.

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lol red string of fate (or whatever the fuck it is) between these two?PFFFTTTTTTTT

lol red string of fate (or whatever the fuck it is) between these two?PFFFTTTTTTTT

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Anonymous asked: "What are your thoughts/opinions on SasuKarin?"

I like SK. I’m rooting for it. 

I know how hypocritical of me right.

can I just quote from this manifesto cause I’m bad at explaining things.


To put it simply, I support SasuKarin because I believe the two fit each other better than anyone else (of the opposite sex) can. It’s the first time that a girl steps by Sasuke’s side to behave as his equal, and that on this shared ground Sasuke is so receptive. Not only that, but they’re good for each other; their usual dynamic was never detrimental to their respective character growths, behavior or objectives. If anything, their presence in each other’s lives had a positive effect on each of them; Sasuke acted on this back in 414 (with Karin included as part of his team) and 415 (with Karin singled out)—heck, one could say he acted on this even back when they met in the Forest of Death, as she got such a warm smile out of him—and Karin has been demonstrating as much all along, since we now know the desire to see him smile again was the fuel behind her drive.

Karin’s love for Sasuke has never been portrayed as negative, either; not even once. And as previously mentioned, Sasuke has displayed a noteworthy partiality to her—which Tobi himself later confirms by calling her Sasuke’s ‘favorite’—that guaranteed his usual (aka pre changed-dark-sasuke) treatment of her was never prejudicial to her or their dynamic. The lack of negative traits (in their usual dynamic. I will touch ‘changed Sasuke’ later) is only natural because, as previously stated, their bond is built on a healthy foundation; that of mutual acknowledgement, trust and respect. It also helps that both are quite authoritative; so neither takes a submissive role when it comes to the other. 

It has a lot of potential for the future. It also has a lot of potential for canonization because it goes hand in hand with a lot of themes and patterns that Kishimoto has portrayed as positive in the past; not to mention that they’ve gotten a considerable amount of substance, both subtle and not-so-subtle. And most importantly, from both ends. 

Like I mentioned before, it does not matter that said mutuality is not romantic in nature as of yet; the simple fact that there’s mutual respect, acknowledgement and care is great enough, especially considering just how complicated Sasuke is as a character when it comes to bonding with (and acknowledging) others and that he tends to have this sort of bond with males rather than women. Plus, they have gone through similar experiences of loss, so it’s safe to assume there’s understanding between them, too. As such, their bond does have all the right bases and foundations to take the next natural step once they’re both ready for it.

I think Kishimoto has done a nice job with them, all things considered. While their bond had already reached a certain stage by the time Karin was introduced to us, Kishimoto continuously developed it right in front of our eyes and progressively showed different sides of it to us. Plus, he gave Karin’s character some needed originality; he’s doing his best to make her as unique as he can (the biting being a prime example) and to make her approach to Sasuke (and her feelings for him) be completely different from those of other female characters in the past (no, really. when has a girlever been tsundere over him?) to the point Sasuke himself considers she isn’t easy to handle

The only negativity actually came during the arc Sasuke went Dark, which says a lot because it took him undergoing a radical change for the worse—forsaking his usual nature and becoming unlike the Sasuke Karin has always known—for there to be any in the pairing. Yet, Karin once again demonstrated that Sasuke does not negatively affect her character, as she was able to show her trademark self-respect once more and say that it was enough, despite her feelings for him. 

… And, well, for those who care about power-levels, there are big chances of the descendants of the Uzumaki/Uchiha union being able to awaken the Rinnegan—plus since they would have access to both, yin and yang chakra, they would be very well-rounded shinobi, to say the least. And this is without getting into the symbolical meaning an Uchiha/Uzumaki union would encompass. 

These two simply are a perfect match, no matter from which side you look at it.

Conclusion? In their usual dynamic, SasuKarin is a healthy relationship where their interactions pose no negative influence on either of them, for both parties actually receive and give. Plus, they also make an excellent match, not only personality-wise but also as a team. They getting together is a likely outcome for both of them, and there are moments (and overall thematic patterns) supporting this.

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I know none of these pics have to do with SasuSaku, I’m just uploading them so people can have a laugh. DON’T KILL ME.


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Anonymous asked: "I also hate SasuSaku, but I hate NaruSaku and NaruHina as well. What are your thoughts on NS and NH?"

I know I wrote about this on another post. ima find it.

oh here it is:

“I adore NaruSaku and NaruHina but my feelings towards these two pairings are very unstable. Sometimes I can’t stand neither of them, sometimes I love both of them. “

I don’t necessarily like these two pairings. I just don’t dislike them as much as SasuSaku ;).

NaruSaku- I really like the relationship between these two and how it evolved. They’re best friends and they care about each other so much. I can’t see Sakura falling in love with Naruto, but at the same time I can. You see, I’m confused. Sometimes I feel as if they were only meant to be really close friends. It all depends on Sakura at this point. If she continues to love Sasuke and only Sasuke for the rest of her life, then this pairing is fucked.

NaruHina- ……………………………………………………………..

There’s not much to this pairing right now, they’ve barely spent any time together so all I can do is assume things from their past interactions. 

I feel like this pairing will be all fluffy. I can’t see any angst or drama or w.e. so that’s why it doesn’t really appeal to me. Not saying I’m a fan of drama but a healthy relationship has to have at least a little.

I don’t like how selfish Hinata was when sacrificing herself. She was practically committing suicide, she knew she couldn’t do anything and that Pein would kill her. So I don’t get why she went if she knew her death would only hurt Naruto. Just to tell him she loved him? I respect Hinata for being so brave though. She somehow loves Naruto so much, she would die for him. All she did was stalk him for years, how are her feelings for him that deepl? And Neji. He died for these little fucks. UGH.

She has gotten his attention.  He sees her in a positive light. I think NaruHina has the potential to become canon, only if Naruto gets over Sakura. I believe Naruto still likes Sakura, unless he denies it himself.

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sasusaku observation # 1

I’ve noticed that SS fans pretty much cannot comprehend the fact that 

  • Sakura isn’t Sasuke’s only “option”. She’s not the only female    (I’ll assume he’s straight) in the world that is available. 
  • Sakura can still get over Sasuke. They deny the chances of this happening. 

And when they attempt to defend SS they

  • register development Sasuke had with another character as null, or deny/ignore it’s existence….


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crusty-butt asked: "Welcome back! :D"

thanks, good to be back.

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